Monday evening Agape Alliance meets at Neighborhood Fellowship. It is a meeting for those who are caught in prostitution. It is open to women and men who identify as women. We are so thankful to have a place of contact with the most desperate of our community. 

Loving the most hurt

Three and a half years ago we felt that we were failing at outreach to the many prostitutes who were right outside our church building, and we did not know any transgenders who frequent this area. Now, we have compassionate connection with both groups. Some of the women have begun coming to church services with Neighborhood Fellowship. They now trust in Christ and we are their church. Only a few of the men have come to our services, but we have regular conversations about God and the Scripture with everyone who comes to the Agape Alliance meetings. The director has had to defend how they partners with a church. He has said to detractors that the church says there are only two laws, "love God and love your neighbor." He tells people that this church really does that. 

If you are interested in volunteering with this ministry please contact Mike Hale. 

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