Sunday and Wednesday Dinner

Every Sunday, directly following our 3 pm service we have a meal together. This time of fellowship and community serves two import functions. First it functions as a family meal allowing us to spend time together and get to know one another. Second, it provides for a nutritional need in our community. Neighborhood Fellowship has consistently hosted this meal for over twenty years and has no intention of stopping now. If anyone is hungry on a Sunday afternoon they are welcome. 

Our small groups on Wednesday nights also each host a meal. We value community and we know that food is one of the fastest ways to build it. We also know that regular meals can be difficult for those in poverty. 

Hosting meals on Sundays and Wednesdays are a blessing to the church body and to the community surrounding us. 

If you are interested in volunteering to help prepare and serve a Sunday meal please contact Debbie Strietelmeier at (317) 631-5756.

If you would like to donate to these meals please follow this Link

NF Giveaway

Once a month Neighborhood Fellowship holds a yard sale type give away. Neighborhood Fellowship has been know as a community dedicated to supporting the needy for a long time. Through our partner churches and others in the city we have been blessed over and over with clothing, furniture, appliances, toys and many other  items that make life easier for those who may not be able to afford them on their own. 

Everything is given away free and is organized by our wonderful volunteers. 

If you are interested in donating (new or gently used items), volunteering, or picking up a few things for yourself please contact Darlene LecClier at

Food pantry

The Food Pantry has been an emergency care for the community since the very start of Neighborhood Fellowship.  We have meet people's physical need for food and taken each of these opportunities to preach Christ as the ultimate answer to need and poverty. We continue to do this by insuring that we have a fully stocked food pantry. This food pantry does not have opening hours, but if someone is in need the whole church has access to the food pantry and can meet a need any time. 

If you are interested in donating non-perishable food items or other goods to the Food Pantry please contact Jim Strietelmeier at (317) 631-5756.

If you would like to financially support the Food Pantry please follow this LINK