Student Outreach clinic

Neighborhood Fellowship Church is home to the IU Student Outreach Clinic. This free clinic, staffed with faculty and medical students, was established to help close the health care gap that exists in this community of roughly 15,000 homes. It is estimated that 50% of residents live at or below the poverty level and report unmet health needs due to cost, lack of transportation, lack of a primary care provider or unemployment.

IUSOC provides primary care-based medical services, as well as dental, free of charge for the uninsured and underserved in our community. 

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University Partners

Without the tireless support of our partner universities and student volunteers we would be helpless to care for the medical needs of our community. We would like to recognize and thank each of the universities that have so faithfully partnered with us over the last 10 years.

  • Indiana UNIVERSITY school of medicine

    "The Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic is a free, student-run clinic that provides primary care-based medical, dental, social and legal services for the uninsured and underserved in the Indianapolis community..."

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    'What she often hears from students who volunteer through BUCOP is about how much they appreciate experiencing the practical application of what they learned in class. The common refrain is: "We talked about this in class, but once I did it, I see that it matters and it made a difference."

    As Javier Sevilla says: "It is a beautiful, beautiful service learning opportunity for all of us."'

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  • Indiana University School of Dentistry

    "My experience is twofold: I'm from the area so it's cool to provide a free service," said Sam Patterson, a second-year student and board member. "As a student, you don't get as much clinic exposure as you want during school, and it's cool to see that in the clinic and be able to assist when your opportunities are rare through the program." 

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